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What’s Happening This Week

What’s Happening This Week

There is much more to explore in our calendar. Find other important events in literary history, authors' birthdays, and a variety of holidays, each with related lessons and resources.



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Chatting About Books: Recommendations for Young Readers

Chatting About Books: Recommendations for Young Readers



Text Messages: Recommendations for Adolescent Readers

Text Messages: Recommendations for Adolescent Readers


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October 01

Find favorite book picks in the Children's Choices.

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Find favorite book picks in the Children's Choices.

Grades K – 6
Calendar Activity Type Literacy-Related Event





Each year, thousands of children, young adults, and teachers around the United States select their favorite recently published books to be included in the Choices annotated booklists. Published annually by the International Literacy Association and cosponsored by the Children's Book Council, these booklists are used in classrooms, libraries, and homes to help young people find books they will enjoy reading.




Celebrate your students' favorite books by creating your own "Top Picks" class booklist. Begin by asking each student to create an individual list of his or her favorite 10 books read throughout the year. For each book chosen, ask students to write a sentence or two explaining why they like the book.

Once students have created individual lists, divide the class into small groups. Invite each group to nominate three books from those lists for a class list of favorites. Students should compare their lists and the reasons for their choices during this small-group time.

Gather the class together and ask each group to share its three nominations. Write the titles on the board or chart paper. After each group has shared, review the entire list with the class, eliminating any repetition. Invite the class to discuss the assembled list. If there are books on the list that are not familiar to all of the students, take the opportunity to read the text or ask someone who has read the book to share more information about it.

Publish your class list in the classroom or share it with your school librarian for display in the library. Have students use the Book Cover Creator to create a book jacket for their favorite book to add to the display. See the Book Cover Creator page for more information about this tool.






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Book Review Template

Students can use this template as a means of communicating about a book that they have read.