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Grades   9 – 12  |  Lesson Plan

And the Question Is... Evaluating the Validity of a Survey

In this lesson, students learn to ask the right questions about the validity of surveys.


Grades   4 – 8  |  Lesson Plan

Developing Searching, Skimming, and Scanning Skills With Internet Bingo

Student pairs aim to be the first team to call out "bingo" in this lesson in which they use skimming and scanning to locate information about ancient Greece and Rome.


Grades   6 – 8  |  Lesson Plan

Finding Figurative Language in The Phantom Tollbooth

Students examine figurative language in The Phantom Tollbooth and create a chart representing the literal and figurative meanings of words and phrases.


Grades   6 – 8  |  Lesson Plan

Action Is Character: Exploring Character Traits with Adjectives

Students must "become" a character in a novel in order to describe themselves and other characters using powerful adjectives.


Grades   9 – 12  |  Lesson Plan

Poetry Reading and Interpretation Through Extensive Modeling

Students will research, read, clarify, analyze, and interpret John Berryman’s poetry and create a sustained evaluation of a given poem in a three- to four-page essay.


Grades   9 – 12  |  Lesson Plan

Judging a Book by its Cover: The Art and Imagery of The Great Gatsby

Students explore The Great Gatsby's allusion to art and its use of visual imagery and conclude their study by designing their own cover for the novel.