Culture in Iran (Post-Islamic Revolution) Group


Use the following webpages to answer the questions about Iranian culture below.  Remember that one group is researching PRE-Islamic revolution, and one group is researching POST-Islamic revolution.


  1. Describe and give examples of the major phases of Iranian art.  Discuss what kind of art is popular during your time period (pre- or post-revolution).

  2. Describe some major Iranian movies, including their plots and directors.
  3. Describe some major categories of Iranian music.  Focus on the most popular kinds music of your time period (pre- or post-revolution).
  4. What kinds of sports are popular in Iran?  Who participates and who observes?
  5. Describe Iranian cuisine.  What kinds of dishes are popular?  What are considered delicacies?

    Culture of Iran

    Music of Iran

    Iranian Classical Music

    List of Iranian Musicians and Singers

    Cinema of Iran

    Iran Sports Press

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