Holocaust Online Inquiry

To learn more about the Holocaust, you will travel through many information-filled Web sites and read many first-hand accounts of individual experiences. Here are possible inquiry activities for each Web site.

Jewish Virtual Library: The Holocaust
Create an illustration/visual aid that represents one major aspect of this Web site. It must include various pieces of information about that topic. Be sure to incorporate various materials, colors, images, words, etc. Be creative! You have the option of using the Doodle Splash tool to create the visual aid.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Using the “Biography” tabs on the right side of each section of the Web site, “interview” at least one witness or victim of the Holocaust. Demonstrate your interview in a skit, PowerPoint, audio recording, or written script. Be sure to include at least five specific pieces of information found on this site.

Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive
This site contains extensive audio interviews of Holocaust survivors, available as text transcripts or audio files, both separated into manageable, labeled sections. Choose one of the interviews and use the Bio-Cube tool to record your new learning.
Anne Frank Center, USA
You have just “met” Anne Frank. Write/Record a letter to her that best describes your response when learning about her. Be sure to use at least three specific pieces of information that you learned about her in this letter. You can use the Letter Generator for writing.

36 Questions about the Holocaust
You are listening in on a question-answer session about the Holocaust. What one question/answer most surprised you? Create something (paragraph, 3-D object, drawing, recording) that represents the reason for your surprise.

You have just stepped into two of the Nazi’s concentration and death camps. What do you see? How do you feel? Document your thoughts and feelings by writing a song, poem, or letter. Or, you may simply brainstorm using the Webbing Tool.



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