radioEarly Radio Pictures

  1. View one of the images listed below and compose a list of characteristics of the people and the setting shown in the photo:
  2. Compare your list of characteristics to the features of the setting in “Who Was That Masked Man, Anyway?” Add a column to your list and indicate how the characteristics are similar or different. Be sure to provide details from the book that support your decision.

  3. Consider how the ways that people listened to radio in the past compare to the ways that people listen to the radio today. Think about how radio has changed as well. Brainstorm two lists—one of similarities, and another of differences.

  4. Draw conclusions about how Avi’s story would change if it were set in the present-day. What things would need to change to make the story believeable if it took place in a present-day setting with present-day characters? Make a list of the ways that Avi would have to change. Be prepared to share your list with the class.

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