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Episode 23 — Babymouse Extravaganza


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Chatting About Books: Recommendations for Young Readers

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Grades K – 5
Podcast Series Chatting About Books: Recommendations for Young Readers
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Duration 11:16
Original Air Date Published May 18, 2010

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Book Chat

Cookies and Milk

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Book Chat

Babymouse Series by Jennifer and Matt Holm (Random House)


#1 Queen of the World (2005; Winner of the 2006 ALA Notable Children’s Book) Meet the lovable, full of good ambitions but slightly over-imaginative Babymouse and her cast of friends (or not-so-friendly classmates like Felicia FurryPaws).

#2 Our Hero (2005) What will happen to Babymouse when she has to conquer her two biggest fears: dodgeball and math. Will the number one dodgeball player and Babymouse’s number one nemesis, Felicia FurryPaws, get the best of her?

#3 Beach Babe (2006) Learn to surf with Babymouse in Beach Babe. Will her surfing efforts end in disaster or success? You’ve got to read to find out!

#4 Rock Star (2006) Babymouse learns an important lesson when she tries to learn the flute. Can she listen to her heart and move up from last chair?

#5 Heartbreaker (2006; Children’s Choices 2008) We all know that Valentine’s Day can be the most romantic day (if you have a sweetheart) or the worst (if you don’t). What will this Valentine’s Day bring for our sassy hero, Babymouse?

#6 Camp Babymouse (2007; Children’s Choices 2008) If you thought surfing with Babymouse in Beach Babe was scary, try going camping with her. Her best attempts at wilderness living are abysmal at best!

#7 Skater Girl (2007) Nothing can stop Babymouse from trying! Not even when it means giving up cupcakes and time with her friends to become the best ice skater ever. Well…maybe some things can change her mind.

#8 Puppy Love (2007; Children’s Choices 2009) Babymouse wants a puppy, but she’s proven herself a little lackluster in the area of raising pets (she lost a turtle and her goldfish ran away!). Can she prove that she’s worthy of a new dog?

#9 Monster Mash (2008; Children’s Choice 2009) Babymouse always wants to be the best, and this Halloween is no different. Can she come up with the best costume and host the best Halloween party ever?

#10 The Musical (2009) Poor Babymouse! She wants to become the lead star in her school musical but only gets chosen to be the understudy. BUT don’t worry, Babymouse will find a way to shine and bring down the house!

#11 Dragonslayer (2009)  As always, Babymouse has illusions of grandeur. She’s never competed with the mathletes before and math is her second biggest fear, but that doesn’t stop her from trying to win back the golden slide rule for her team.

#12 Burns Rubber (2010) I thought that Babymouse had just about tried it all, until Book 12 came along! Now Babymouse is setting out to be the best race car driver with her friend Wilson. As usual, it’s up for debate whether this adventure will bring daring success or dismal disaster!

Cookies and Milk

Kids holding Babymouse booksEmily hosts an afterschool Babymouse book club. Twin sisters Giselle and Gina, fifth grader Gisselle, and fourth grader Sara read and discussed Babymouse books over several weeks. They share their favorite parts of the Babymouse books, character traits of Babymouse, and qualities that are unique to this hard-working, imaginative character.


Expert Chat

Emily with Jennifer and Matt HolmWhat do the author and illustrator of Babymouse think are Babymouse’s best character traits? Which one of the authors once had their Halloween candy stolen like Babymouse did in Monster Mash? What are their favorite Babymouse adventures? Find all of this out in this episode’s expert chat with Jennifer and Matt Holm, the brother-sister team who created the Babymouse series.