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Episode 57 — Barnyard Antics


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Chatting About Books: Recommendations for Young Readers

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Grades K – 5
Podcast Series Chatting About Books: Recommendations for Young Readers
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Duration 13:02
Original Air Date Published July 08, 2013

Music in this podcast is provided by Freeplay Music.


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Book Chat

Farmyard Beat by Lindsey Craig; illustrated by Marc Brown (Alfred Knopf, 2011)

None of the animals on Farmer Sue’s farm can sleep…because they’ve got that beat. The chicks, sheep, cow, cat, and farm dog Hank add their own style to the beat. The problem is they’re making so much noise that they wake up Farmer Sue. Will she be angry at the animals or will she join in on the beat? This rhythmic patterned book makes a fun read-aloud for preschoolers and kindergartners.

Chicken Dance by Tammi Sauer; illustrated by Dan Santat (Sterling Children’s Books, 2009)

It’s time for the annual barnyard talent show. The grand prize is tickets to the Elvis Poultry show. Marge and Lola, two barnyard hens, are determined to win, but first they’re going to have to beat the unstoppable, undefeated ducks. They experiment with different acts, but in the end they decide to “wing it.” It’s a risky decision, but it turns out to be one that gets them something better than the grand prize!

Bawk & Roll by Tammi Sauer; illustrated by Dan Santat (Sterling Children’s Books, 2012)

Elvis and his back-up flock are leaving their farm to go on tour. They start at McDoodle’s Farm. The crowd is cheering, Elvis is ready to go, and his chicken dancers Marge and Lola…faint! Elvis thinks that this is just a fluke, but at every venue, with a packed house, Marge and Lola just aren’t pulling through. Elvis gives them an ultimatum: get it together or I’m going solo. Desperate times call for desperate measures, but will their help arrive in time? With vibrant, fun illustrations this hilarious chicken story delivers.

Punk Farm by Jarrett J. Krosoczka (Alfred K. Knopf, 2005)

Old Farmer Joe retires for the night, but the farm animals are ready to rock n’ roll. There’s peace-lovin’ goat on bass, cool dude sheep on vocals, born-ready pig on guitar, nervous chicken on keyboard, and thump-thumpin’ cow on drum. Together they open their barn for the night and bring a rowdy amped-up version of “Old MacDonald” to the animal crowd. And when the show is over, the animals clean up and Old Farmer Joe is none the wiser. Kids will love this fun, rock ‘n’ roll version of “Old MacDonald” and shout for an encore reading!

Punk Farm on Tour by Jarrett J. Krosoczka (Alfred K. Knopf, 2007)

Old Farmer Joe’s animals are back, and this time they are on tour, all under the radar of Old Farmer Joe. He leaves for a tractor convention, and the animals spring into action. First, the animals have to figure out how to get their old, broken-down van ready for tour and then they have to decide on their new song. Thankfully, the van inspires them, and they end up touring the country with their version of “Wheels on the Bus.” Their only problem (besides the van)? Making sure they get home before Old Farmer Joe does. Listen to the Punk Farm play on www.punkfarm.com, and download their songs for free!

Acoustic Rooster and His Barnyard Band by Kwame Alexander; illustrated by Tim Bowers (Sleeping Bear Press, 2011)

Acoustic Rooster’s dream is to win the annual barnyard talent show. He tries to join up with other bands, but there isn’t any that are exactly the right fit. So, with the help of his cousin Duck Ellington, he starts his own jazz band. He manages to get Bee Holiday and Pork Chop, a percussion pig, to join his band. The competition begins with Mules Davis and Ella Finchgerald heating up the stage. When it’s Rooster’s turn, he gives a swooning version of “The Hen From Ipanema.” Who will win this barnyard talent show? You will have to read to find out.

Expert Chat

Listen in as Emily chats with Kwame Alexander, the author of Acoustic Rooster and His Barnyard Band. Kwame talks about how a trip to Tuscany gave him the idea for this jazzy book and shares his favorite recording from several of the jazz greats mentioned in his book.