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Episode 13 — Tickle Your Funny Bone


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Chatting About Books: Recommendations for Young Readers

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Grades K – 5
Podcast Series Chatting About Books: Recommendations for Young Readers
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Duration 12:32
Original Air Date Published March 31, 2009

Book Chat

Cookies and Milk

Expert Chat


Book Chat

  • Laugh Your Head Off: Great Jokes and Giggles written by Mike Artell; illustrated by Rob Collinet (Sterling, 2006)

    Be prepared to laugh and then laugh some more. Laugh Your Head Off is 13 chapters of side-splitting jokes that will get kids in the mood for April Fool’s Day (or any day they need a laugh). Each chapter has a different kind of joke, such as Knock Knocks, Hee-Hee-Rhyme Three, and Sounds the Same. My personal favorite chapter is What’s the Difference?, which includes jokes that play on the first letters of the punch line. Here's a teaser:

    What’s the difference between a clown and someone who loves dollar bills? One is funny man and one is a money fan!
  • Ten-Second Tongue Twisters written by Mike Artell; illustrated by Buck Jones (Sterling, 2007)

    Exercise your tongue with these zany tongue twisters. Ten-Second Tongue Twisters has hundreds of tongue-twisting poems that promise to give your mouth a workout. Can you say: “French bread bakers bake fresh French bread” three times really fast? If not, then your tongue might not be quite as in shape as you think it is. Ten-Second Tongue Twisters is just what the doctor ordered!

    Mike Artell's website
  • How to Drive Your Sister Crazy written by Diane Z. Shore; illustrated by Laura Rankin (HarperCollins, 2008)

    Do you have a sister that is driving you crazy or know someone with sister problems? If so, then let Bradley Harris Pinkerton – the main character of How to Drive Your Sister Crazy – give you some tips and instructions on how to get your sister steaming mad. This is a perfect book for anyone looking for some April Fool’s ideas.

    Diane Z. Shore's website

Cookies and Milk

Emily indulges in cookies and hot chocolate with Gerod and his mom Carrie at a local coffee shop. Gerod shares his thoughts on who would enjoy joke books and why some kids find joke books more entertaining than other kinds of reading. Carrie relates that Gerod’s joke book reading became a family experience; he loved sharing his new jokes with an audience! 

Expert Chat

Listen in as Emily interviews Mike Artell, the author of Laugh Your Head Off and Ten-Second Tongue Twisters. Mike talks about the value humor books can have in reading, how he comes up with his hilarious jokes, and what he’s working on right now.