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Text Messages: Recommendations for Adolescent Readers

Text Messages: Recommendations for Adolescent Readers

Podcast for Grades 6 – 12

Text Messages is a monthly podcast providing families, educators, out-of-school practitioners, and tutors reading recommendations they can pass along to teen readers. Each episode will feature in-depth recommendations of titles that will engage and excite teen readers.



Jennifer Buehler, Ph.D.

Jennifer Buehler, Ph.D.

Jennifer Buehler taught English for ten years before earning a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan’s Joint Program in English and Education. As a high school teacher, she used young adult literature and a large classroom library to engage and inspire her students as readers. Watching students choose books led Jennifer to expand her own reading accordingly as part of the ongoing quest to meet the needs and interests of teens.

As a teacher consultant with the Eastern Michigan Writing Project, Jennifer led workshops on young adult literature for parents, teachers, and students in university methods classes. Now Assistant Professor of English Education at Saint Louis University, Jennifer teaches classes on young adult literature, English methods, writing pedagogy, content area literacy, and urban education. She was recently elected president of NCTE's Assembly on Literature for Adolescents (ALAN), and she served as a member of ALAN’s first Amelia Elizabeth Walden Award Committee.

Jennifer is the host of Text Messages: Recommendations for Teen Readers, a monthly podcast focusing on the best of young adult literature.


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Episode 31  |  Published October 06, 2010

A Conversation with Nancy Werlin

In the world of YA fiction, there’s no one better than Nancy Werlin at sucking you into a suspenseful tale that will also lead you to reflect deeply on human nature. Tune in to hear Nancy discuss the appeal of dark stories and the inspiration for her newest novel, Extraordinary.


Episode 30  |  Published September 07, 2010

Censorship and Your Freedom to Read

In honor of Banned Books Week, tune in to hear about some of the most frequently challenged books for teens in 2009, along with YA authors’ perspectives on the experience of being censored.


Episode 29  |  Published August 09, 2010

Dystopian Literature

Tune in to hear about books that imagine the future darkly by exploring the consequences of war, environmental disasters, and creepy repressive governments.


Episode 28  |  Published July 01, 2010

Sampling Short Stories

In this episode you’ll hear about a great variety of story collections organized around topics ranging from sports to prom, guns to ghosts.


Episode 27  |  Published May 27, 2010

Adults and Teens Reading Together

Tune in to hear about eight new novels that all focus in some way on teens and their complicated relationships with family members, peers, and the larger world.

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