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Learn All Year Long

Learn All Year Long

Learn All Year Long

Kids and teens should read and write even when they are out of school. Why is this so important?

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Parent & Afterschool Resources

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Help a Child Write a Poem


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Help a Child Write a Poem

Grades K – 6

International Literacy Association

Tip Topic Tips for Teaching Writing
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Activities & Projects

Games & Tools



Activities & Projects

Grades   3 – 5  |  Activity & Project

Write "Moving" Sports Poetry

We've all heard the expression "poetry in motion"-this activity gets children writing poems about grace and movement using photos of athletes.


Grades   3 – 5  |  Activity & Project

Write Theme Poems

Use shape and theme poems, or poems that look like the things they describe, as a fun way to introduce children to poetry.


Grades   3 – 8  |  Activity & Project

Follow the Word Trail: Organize a Treasure Hunt

Create a treasure hunt out of word-puzzle clues hidden around the home or yard.


Grades   4 – 6  |  Activity & Project

Think Hink Pinks!

Kids will love Hink Pinksóword puzzles that use two-word clues to lead to a rhyming solution. Try one and get hooked yourself: Obese feline? Fat cat!


Grades   K – 3  |  Activity & Project

Summer Discoveries

Recapture exciting discoveries by writing poetry about summer adventures.


Grades   K – 8  |  Activity & Project

Let's Go On A Poetry Walk!

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and you're surrounded by brilliant shades of green! Observe and collect sensory images from nature and use the sights, sounds, smells, and textures to create original nature poetry.


Grades   K – 2  |  Activity & Project

Add Seasons to Rhyming Poems and Songs

Choose favorite rhyming songs or nursery rhymes then replace the rhyming words with seasonal themes.


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Games & Tools

Grades   3 – 12  |  Game & Tool

Diamante Poems

Diamante poems are poems where the longest line comes in the middle, creating a diamond-like shape. The Diamante Poems tool helps children write these patterned poems.


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Grades   3 – 8  |  Printout  |  Writing It Out

Make a Magnetic Poetry Set

Children can make their own magnetic poetry set. Watch as the refrigerator becomes a space for literary art.


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