Research Topics and Source Page


Learning more about double consciousness, codeswitching, and negotiating multiple identities


Double consciousness from DuBoisopedia


Learning How To Code-Switch: Humbling, But Necessary


American Promise: Idris Codeswitches


Being Black—but Not Too Black—in the Workplace



Learning more about the Black Panther Movement


The Black Panther Party from Encycolpedia Britannica (read all but “Legacy”)

The Ten-Point Platform


The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution documentary homepage (scroll to view trailer)


Learn about Tupac Shakur and his Activism


YouTube Video: 2pac-T.H.U.G.L.I.F.E.


Politics of Protest: Tupac and Thuglife


Keepin' It Real in Hip Hop Politics: A Political Perspective of Tupac Shakur (excerpt)


The Rose that Grew from Concrete



Learn More about Media Representations of Fatal Police Shooting of African Americans


OpEd: How the media smears black victims


When a police shooting victim is a white woman

The conversation we need on police shootings

Learn more about the complexity of gang culture/the difficulty of leaving a gang


How do you leave a gang?


Gangs: Once a member, it is difficult to get out

Excerpt from “Violent Stories: Personal Narratives, Street Socialization, and the Negotiation of Street Culture Among Street-Oriented Youth”


Gang Culture