In the Poet's Shoes

Research and Class Participation Rubric

Teacher name: ______________________________

Student name: ______________________________

CATEGORY 4 3 2 1
Follows directions Has an excellent understanding of the project and its requirements; follows directions thoroughly and completely Understands and follows all directions Understands most directions and attempts to follow them Doesn't follow directions
Works independently Remains on task without reminders; works quietly and efficiently using notes and textbooks Works quietly on assignment, asking questions when necessary Quiet, daydreaming; eventually may get to work on assignment Distracts others; talks to others instead of working; teacher must remind student about getting to work
Initiative Volunteers to answer and ask questions; helps others in class; knows what needs to be done and does it Participates when asked; begins to work when assignment given; works hard most of the time Rarely participates; starts work when reminded; seldom asks for help Has difficulty starting to work; doesn't ask for help; doesn't get caught up after absence; doesn't participate
Homework and work habits Completes homework and assignments; checks answers and makes corrections Usually completes homework and assignments; does not always check and correct answers Completes some assignments and homework; checks answers occasionally Completes only a few assignments and homework; does not check answers
Organization Notebook is organized and complete; uses the agenda to record all homework, assignments, and important dates Notebook is fairly complete but needs some organization; uses the agenda most of the time Does not have notes and work up to date; notes are not in order; has agenda but rarely uses it Does not bring notebook, textbook, pencils, paper
Teamwork Demonstrates cooperation, respect, and leadership Cooperative; participates and follows the lead of others Does little to participate; lets others do the work Interrupts, distracts, or disrupts others; difficult to work with

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