Mark Twain and the Mississippi River

Old Times on the Mississippi
Examples from Mark Twain’s own scrapbook.

Tom Sawyer Days
Examples from Mark Twain’s own scrapbook.

Timeline of the life of Samuel Clemens.

The River Learned
Examples from Mark Twain’s own scrapbook.

The Mississippi River
Life on the Mississippi with Mark Twain from Berkley.

River Boats or Paddle Wheel Boats
Information on river boats and paddle wheel boats from the American Western History Museum.

Old Man River: History Along the Mississippi
History and trivia about the Mississippi River and the people and places through which it passes, from an exhibit at the Hoover Library.

Mississippi River
Information on the Mississippi River.

Websites about Steamboat History
Links to pictures and information about steamboats.

Mississippi Steamboat Men in Mark Twain’s Writings
Mark Twain’s words about steamboats and Isaiah Sellers.

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