Christine Joseph

Christine Joseph
Tampa, FL
United States

Instructional Staff Developer
Pinellas County Schools
As I collaborated with a colleague a few years ago during the planning of a lesson for an action research project, I inquired where the lesson plan had come from that was in use. She explained that she had written the plan and it was published on the website. She immediately pulled up the site and began to show me the plethora of technology tools and lessons available. To my surprise, there were countless resources could be used in writing across the content areas. I have since shared and used this site with many literacy and mathematics personnel as a part of the planning process in the location of resources to support writing in the content areas. Additionally, integrating technology in the creative manner presented through the resources available provides teachers with an engaging method for instruction in all content areas. Both teachers and students enjoy the creative, friendly manner in which these lesson plans and tools were developed. I am honored to be a part of this amazing instructional database.

Christine Joseph is an instructional staff developer in Elementary Mathematics for Pinellas County Schools. In addition, she is an adjunct instructor for the University of South Florida and St. Petersburg College teaching literacy, mathematics, and science courses. Her research focuses on the role of writing in mathematics.  More specifically, the use of writing prompts as a formative assessment tool for instructional decision making.  Her professional development for Pinellas County Schools includes training teachers in Mathematics Journaling and Integrating Literacy Strategies for Mathematics Word Problems.  Her research in the area of content area literacy and has led to the development of instructional tools and strategies to assist with best practices.