David Whitin

David Whitin
Grosse Pointe Woods, MI
United States

Professor of Elementary Education
"Learning is about making connections. ReadWriteThink is a valuable tool for demonstrating how those connections can come to life in real classrooms. This is a resource that emphasizes NCTE's firm commitment to the on-going professional development of teachers."

David J. Whitin is Professor of Elementary Education at Wayne State University. A member of the NCTE Consulting Network, He has also taught at the University of South Carolina and Queens College in New York City. Prior to his university teaching, he was an elementary school teacher and principal.

David has collaborated with Phyllis Whitin for many years. Their joint interests include inquiry learning and the connections between language and mathematics. They have written several books that reflect these interests: Inquiry at the Window (Heinemann); and two co-published by NCTM and NCTE: Math is Language Too, and New Visions for Linking Literature and Mathematics. David is a member of NCTE.