Debbie Reese

Debbie Reese
Urbana, IL
United States

Author and Consultant
'Movies, television, textbooks, and children's books are saturated with images of Indians as bloodthirsty or noble savages who lived 'many moons ago.' My work as an educator is dedicated to helping teachers locate materials that demonstrate the vast diversity (past and present) that exists across the 500+ Native nations in today's U.S. My lesson plan at ReadWriteThink can help teachers get on the right track."

Debbie Reese is tribally enrolled at Nambé Pueblo, a federally recognized sovereign tribal nation in northern New Mexico. A former school teacher and assistant professor in American Indian Studies, her blog, American Indians in Children's Literature, is widely read by educators and writers in the U.S. and Canada. Her book chapters, articles, essays, and reviews have appeared in print and online academic journals as well as publications that are used by teachers and librarians who work with children. In 2018 she was selected to deliver the prestigious 2019 May Hill Arbuthnot Lecture.