Helen Hoffner, Ed.D.

Helen Hoffner, Ed.D.
Ridley Park, PA
United States

Associate Professor
"Read Write Think is an integral part of the undergraduate and graduate literacy courses I teach. The site offers models of exemplary lessons and research-based instructional techniques. It is the most trusted source for literacy lesson plans."

Helen Hoffner is an Associate Professor at Holy Family University where she directs the program leading to reading specialist certification.  Her role in the university's reading clinic enables her to work collaboratively with faculty colleagues and graduate students to develop effective literacy remediation plans.  Dr. Hoffner's research interests include investigations of educational technology such as electronic books and the use of captioned and visually described television and film to improve literacy. She serves as an educational consultant for 20th Century Fox/MGM Entertainment Corporation and has developed a series of captioned films to help children and adults improve their reading ability. In addition to writing many journal articles and instructional manuals, Dr. Hoffner has written several books for teachers including, Literacy Lessons K-8, The Elementary Teacher's Digital Toolbox, Reading and Writing Mysteries in Grades 4 to 8, A Look at Realistic Fiction, and Learning Disabilities: What Research Tells Us.