John Paul Walter

John Paul Walter
Washington, DC
United States

Independent Writer and Scholar
"As a teacher and a scholar, I believe in the importance of promoting English Studies as an intersection of literature, language, and culture. Writing lesson plans for ReadWriteThink has allowed me to explore these intersections in new ways."

Depending upon whom you ask, John is either a medievalist who thinks he’s a techno-rhetorician or a techno-rhetorician who thinks he’s a medievalist. Either way, he has taught composition, rhetoric, and literature courses at Saint Louis University; University of North Carolina, Wilmington; and Creighton University.

His teaching and research interests include composition studies; the history and theory of rhetoric; Old and Middle English literature and language; orality-literacy studies of oral, manuscript, print, and digital culture; science fiction and fantasy; rhetorical linguistic studies; and the teaching of English. He approaches English Studies as the study of language, literature, and culture. He is a member of NCTE and CCCC and is on the CCCC Committee on Computers in Composition and Communication.