Maureen Gerard

Maureen Gerard
Phoenix, AZ
United States

"As a contributor to the website, I am extending my interest in teacher preparation to the horizons of online professional development and resources. The quality of ideas presented on the site and the rigor in developing lessons for classroom use are exemplary."

Maureen Gerard is an assistant professor of Reading and Elementary Education at Grand Canyon University. Her background and research interests are in early literacy and teacher preparation and her current research focuses on the role of environmental print in the early development of print awareness and reading motivation. She has prepared new teachers in early reading and writing, numerical literacy, and child development at Arizona State University and the University of Arizona South. Maureen also spent 12 years in the classroom teaching in multiage groupings.

Maureen is a coauthor of Enviornmental Print in the Classroom: Meaningful Connections for Learning to Read (IRA, 2004). She is a member of the International Reading Association.