Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew

"I happened onto by chance, as I was browsing the International Reading Association website. The program immediately caught my attention, and I applied first as a peer reviewer and then as a lesson writer. Both have been very positive experiences, challenging and at the same time affirming."

Nancy Drew is a teacher consultant for the Greater Essex County District School Board in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Her current assignment includes work in early literacy and early years for the district's 60 elementary schools. Nancy has been a classroom teacher for 18 years and has taught from kindergarten through sixth grade. She has also worked in a number of schools to assist students and teachers in integrating technology into their curriculum. In addition, Nancy worked on the Early Reading Strategy, a province-wide early literacy initiative coordinated by the Ministry of Education. She assisted in training teachers in the implementation of a balanced literacy model of instruction. Nancy is a member of the International Reading Association.