Phyllis Whitin

Phyllis Whitin
Grosse Pointe Woods, MI
United States

College Instructor
Wayne State University
"ReadWriteThink is a valuable resource for teachers at any point in their careers. I link the Web site to the electronic blackboards for my graduate classes. The lessons help connect key theoretical ideas addressed in course readings to day-to-day classroom practice."

Phyllis, a member of the NCTE Consulting Network, teaches language arts and children's literature courses at Wayne State University. Her previous teaching experience spans preschool through middle school, as well as university teaching at Queens College, CUNY.

Her research interests include multiple ways of knowing and integrated learning. She collaborates with David J. Whitin in researching and writing about the integration of mathematics and language. Two of their books, Math is Language Too, and New Visions for Linking Literature and Mathematics, are published by NCTE/NCTM. Phyllis is a member of IRA and NCTE, and is Co-Chair of the CEE Commission on Arts and Literacies.