Scott Filkins

Scott Filkins
Champaign, IL
United States

English Teacher
Central High School
"ReadWriteThink is a constant reminder of what good ELA teaching looks like. Focusing on building skills and knowledge in the context of engagement in authentic literacy practices should be an inspiration to teachers who are burdened with the narrow demands of standardized instruction and assessment."

Scott Filkins is an English and math teacher at Central High School in Champaign, Illinois. He co-directs the University of Illinois Writing Project and is currently engaged in a five-year study of eight students’ transition to college writing and their development as writers in college.

Scott worked at the National Council of Teachers of English on the project. He is the author of Beyond Standardized Truth: Improving Teaching and Learning through Inquiry-Based Reading Assessment (NCTE, 2012). He lives in Urbana, Illinois, with his son Colin.