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Celebrate the 100th day of school!

February 07
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Holiday & School Celebration
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February 07

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The 100th day of school is celebrated in schools around the country, usually in mid-February. Your class will enjoy a break from the normal routine as they practice math skills using games and activities based on the number 100. Some teachers may also include a visit from "My Hero, Zero" on day 100 (or on dates ending in zero, every tenth day, etc.).

Classroom Activity

Have your class work as a whole and in small groups to create a class "100th Day" book. First, have students break into small groups to brainstorm a list of possible topics for the book. Some possibilities include:

  • 100 poems
  • 100 ways to improve the Earth (our school, etc.)
  • 100 people who changed history

Each group should nominate one idea to be considered by the whole class. Have the class vote on their favorite topic, brainstorm specific ideas, and then create a book based on this topic. Proudly display your book in your classroom or school library!


This page provides links to numerous Scholastic resources for a 100th-day-of-school celebration. Included are short activity ideas, a booklist, student poetry resources, links to other websites, and several lesson and unit plans.


This page includes suggestions for simple activities to celebrate the 100th day of school. Activities were submitted by teachers around the world and include a wide variety of ideas.


One Hundredth Day of School teaching ideas and activities inclusing booklists.

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