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David Wiesner's book June 29, 1999 showcases this day.

June 29
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In June 29, 1999, main character Holly Evans undertakes a scientific project that appears to have gigantic results when huge vegetables begin landing on the planet. Yet she's still not sure where the vegetables all came from.

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David Wiesner, author of June 29, 1999 (Houghton Mifflin, 1992) and two-time Caldecott Award winner, composes humorous books with delightful illustrations that surprise the reader. In fact, in June 29, 1999, Wiesner's illustrations are indicative of the emotions of the various story characters: people are delighted, surprised, and, in some cases, curious. Such illustrations provide an excellent opportunity for discussion of feelings and how they are expressed wordlessly through the talent of the illustrator. Explore the pictures in Wiesner's book carefully and identify elements that make the emotions in the story obvious to someone reading the book. Your students might then create lists of words and their own illustrations to express the feelings portrayed.


If you're looking for information on Wiesner's books, his biography, and related resources, this Houghton Mifflin site is for you. It even includes illustrations and notes on Wiesner's creative process.


Focusing on Wiesner's Caldecott Medal–winning book, this series of classroom activities includes comparing Wiesner's book to other versions of the three pigs story as well as links to a Kidspiration story map and additional resources.


This site provides recommended wordless picture books for children.

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