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Alphabet Chart

K - 1
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About this printout

This alphabet chart has many possibilities for helping your students learn and review their letters, sounds, phonemes, and word formations.

Teaching with this printout

Students in grades K–1 will benefit from activities that familiarize them with the letters of the alphabet and their sounds. You can use this alphabet chart for a variety of activities for early literacy development, such as identifying individual letters, practicing writing letters, or creating words from letter combinations. Depending on the lesson, you may decide to enlarge the alphabet chart to display in your classroom, to hand out one for each student, or to create a transparency for whole-group instruction.

More ideas to try

  • Have your students play a letter-sound matching game using the alphabet chart. Collect pictures from magazines, the Internet, books, and/or newspapers so that you have pictures of objects representing each letter of the alphabet. To begin, provide each student with an alphabet chart and a crayon. Then show students a picture and say the name of the object in the picture, such as cat. Students determine the beginning letter sound by drawing an “x” in the appropriate letter box.  Continue in this manner until you’ve used all your pictures and students have marked all their boxes. You may also want to challenge students to think of different words and have peers identify the letter that matches the beginning sound.
  • Use the alphabet chart to help children discriminate beginning letters of print in the environment, such as names of toys, cereals, street signs, and stores. Cut out a set of logos from familiar toys, cereals, street signs, or stores. To play, have your students look at a logo, say the logo word, and then write the beginning letter in the corresponding box on the chart.
  • Have students identify the letters of their names by finding each letter on the chart. Students can then either color in the box that corresponds with the letters in their names, or they can write the letters in their respective boxes.

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