Graphic Organizer

Sequence of Events Chart

3 - 12
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Graphic Organizer

About this printout

This graphic organizer helps students see the sequential or cause-effect relationships between multiple events in a text.

Teaching with this printout

When students read texts that tell stories, explain processes, or recount a series of events, they often need support to clarify the sequence of events or to infer cause and effect relationships.  After selecting a text that would benefit from such support, provide students with this graphic organizer.  In the downward arrows on the left, students can write a brief label/key phrase for the event.  In the boxes to the right, ask students to summarize the event, provide a reaction to the event, or explore cause-effect relationships among events-whichever is most appropriate to the text they are reading.  Have students use the back of the sheet to summarize or synthesize the text as a whole.

More ideas to try

  • For students who need additional support, provide the graphic organizer with some or all of the key events already identified in the left-hand arrows.
  • If students are reading different sections of a text as part of a jigsaw activity, have them complete one portion of their organizer.  When they meet with their classmates, they can use the other portions of their organizer to jot down key information from the other sections of the text.
  • Students can use the organizer as a prewriting activity for a narrative text or to prewrite for a summative review of sequential elements that come from more than one text or learning experience.

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