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Being a YA Lit Advocate

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Text Messages: Recommendations for Adolescent Readers
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Episode 84—Being a YA Lit Advocate

We who read young adult literature and believe in its value need to be ready to engage with those who attack and dismiss it. Instead of getting angry, we can take a positive and proactive stance. We can position ourselves as YA lit advocates, and we can view advocacy as way to change the conversation about books, reading, and teenagers.

Tune in to hear about what it means to be a YA lit advocate and what YA advocacy work can look like. You’ll learn strategies you can use to challenge misconceptions about YA lit. You’ll also hear about a variety of fiction and nonfiction titles you can recommend to teen readers. Some take up difficult topics, others raise teens’ political and social consciousness, and still others allow teens of different kinds to see themselves. You’ll also hear about books that experiment with style and blur genres.

After listening to this episode, be sure to print out this list of recommended titles to take to the library or bookseller.

Books featured in this episode:

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