Krista Sherman

Krista Sherman
Mason, MI
United States

" is my "go-to" for lesson plans. I value the ease of finding just the right lesson to fit my needs, the links are active, and the handouts are all there. As a special education teacher, I love that most lessons can be easily modified/adapted to fit an inclusive setting. I've introduced most of the English department at my school to, and they love it too!"

Variety is the key for Krista Sherman's educational experience. She has taught in Chicago and Michigan, at the primary and secondary level, both general and special education in public and private school settings. She currently teaches high school special education in Mason, Michigan.

As a teacher consultant and co-department chair, Krista is involved with the English curriculum of both the general and special education classes. Integrating technology into the English curriculum led Krista to write lesson plans focusing on modifying for learners of all abilities for