Kristina McLaughlin

Kristina McLaughlin
East Palestine, OH
United States

"I always find lesson plans on that match my needs. The lessons are easy to adapt and modify for my class in an Internet school. I recommend the site to teachers in other school districts for its ease of use and fantastic assortment of lessons based on theory."

Kristina McLaughlin has been teaching in northeast Ohio since 1998. For a year and a half, she taught middle- and secondary-level English in a state-run, maximum-security prison for juvenile male offenders. She then taught Title I reading and math for grades 5 to 7 at a charter school in Youngstown, Ohio. Recently, Kristina has been teaching high school English for Treca Digital Academy, an online school. She also teaches at the Kent State University Salem campus. Her instruction there helps college students increase their reading comprehension skills.

Kristina is a member of the International Reading Association (IRA), the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), and the Modern Language Association. She finds resources provided by IRA and NCTE, including, to be helpful in developing curriculum and lesson plans that are pertinent to today's students and varying state standards.