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John Chapman, better known as Johnny Appleseed, was born in 1775.

September 26
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Historical Figure & Event

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Did you know that Johnny Appleseed was a nickname given to John Chapman? There are many nice folktales written about him, but we have no proof that these things really happened. One thing that is true about John Chapman is that he planted apple trees!

Classroom Activity

As you share the details of John Chapman's life and his travels, use the Timeline Tool to organize the details that you find in the books and websites that you check. As you work through the details, ask students to look for details that are fact and those that are exaggeration. If desired, use the Venn Diagram tool or Mobile App to organize the information (especially if you are using the stories of Johnny Appleseed as part of a tall tales unit). As extensions, you might track Chapman's journeys on your classroom map or have students use the Theme Poems Interactive to create poems about apples or about Johnny Appleseed. For additional help, see the more tips about Theme Poems and the more tips on the Timeline Tool.


From the Library of Congress America's Story from America's Library, this site provides a short biography of John Chapman in the context of other historical events.

This University of Illinois Extension site includes links to apple facts, recipes, history and legend, and educational material.

Second graders from Austin, Texas contributed the writings and drawings about Johnny Appleseed found on this webpage.

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