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Concept Map

3 - 8
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Graphic Organizer

About this printout

This concept map can be used in a variety of ways to show relationships between words and phrases. Students can add arrows as needed and group certain ideas together.

Teaching with this printout

Understanding relationships is an essential part of synthesis and comprehension. This concept web can be used for any topic or content area. Students can show relationships between vocabulary words, characters in a story, science concepts, or events in history. Arrows can be added as needed and related words or ideas can be boxed together. Students can generate the words themselves, or you can provide them with the words and ask them to place the words appropriately in the concept map. Try using your weekly vocabulary or spelling words. Concept maps are a great activity for students to work with partners or in small groups. Students can present their maps to the class and explain the how and why they placed each word and the relationships between them.

More ideas to try

  • Use a concept map at the beginning of a new unit to assess students’ prior knowledge. Give students a list of vocabulary words or concepts from the unit and ask them to place them on the concept map. At the end of the unit, repeat the activity and compare the two maps.

  • Use a concept map as a writing graphic organizer. Once the concept map is complete, have students box off related groups and have them turn each box into a paragraph.

  • Use a concept map to show ideas and relationships about a character in a novel. Students can draw a picture of the character in the middle and then complete the concept map. Students can compare and contrast their concept maps with other students and discuss their different ideas about the same character.

  • Use a concept map throughout a unit and have students place each vocabulary word or concept as they go. For example, when working on a science or math unit, as each new vocabulary word is introduced, ask student to take out their concept maps and place the word in the appropriate spot. Discuss why students chose that particular place.

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