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Venn Diagram Rubric

K - 12
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Assessment Tool

About this printout

The Venn Diagram Rubric can be used to provide students feedback on students' use of a graphic organizer to compare and contrast two things.

Teaching with this printout

Use the Venn Diagram Rubric to set expectations and guide teaching as well as to assess student performance.  Before students complete a Venn Diagram, share the Rubric with them and model the thinking and behaviors that exemplify work in the "Strong" category. 

After students have had some practice using a Venn Diagram, ask some student volunteers to share their work for whole-class evaluation.  Project a students' completed Venn Diagram and ask students to provide feedback and suggestions for improvement for the sample work.

Use the rubric to highlight areas of student strength and to plan further instruction to help students meet the learning goals of the lesson or activity involving the Venn Diagram.

More ideas to try

  • This rubric assesses the student's ability to use a Venn Diagram and organize similarities and differences.  Once the process of using Venn Diagram is mastered, students should be assessed more specifically on the content and the final writing products.

  • Have students provide peer feedback to one another by using the rubric as part of cooperative work before submitting a completed Venn Diagram.

  • Depending on the specific requirements of the learning task, use the rubric as a starting point for adaptation and customization.  Share the rubric with students and talk through the traits and descriptors that would be associated with strong, marginal, and weak performance.

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