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Celebrate John Venn's Birthday!

August 04
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Historical Figure & Event

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John Venn the notable English logician, philosopher, mathematician and most notably the creator of the Venn Diagram was born on this day in 1834.  In the diagram, circles are used to visually and logically sort groups to illustrate their relationships to each other.  The creation is used in the fields of mathematics, psychology, literature, logistics, statistics, probability, but most significantly it used in school classrooms around the world.

Classroom Activity

Build a community within your classroom using Venn Diagrams.

Group Activity – Print out copies of the 3 Circle Venn Diagram graphic organizer.  Arrange students into groups of three and supply them with the graphic organizer.  Have students talk in their groups about themselves and the things they like to do.  After a brief discussion, students document ways in which they are alike, ways in which they are like others in their small group, and ways in which they are totally unique.  Have students display their diagrams and share them with the entire class.

Partner Activity – Print out copies of the 2 Circle Venn Diagram graphic organizer, or if students have access to a mobile device, download the Venn Diagram Mobile App.  Arrange students into pairs within the classroom.  Using the graphic organizer or mobile app have the students share information about themselves and their likes and dislikes.


This website provides a short biography, honors, pictures, and the obituary of John Venn.


This website provides a short biography about John Venn.

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