Activity And Project

Personal Playlists: Ten Favorite Songs

9 - 12
Activity Time
3 or more hours (can be completed over several days)
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Activity Description

Work with a teen to create a wiki with everything people should know about the teen's top ten favorite songs-and your favorite songs as well! Then invite friends to add their favorite songs too.

Why This Is Helpful

Learning how to use an exciting new technology, wikis, while researching their favorite songs and musicians, teens can gain a better understanding of the meaning of the songs they love and why they are relevant, important texts in their lives.

This activity was modified from the ReadWriteThink lesson plan "A Collaboration of Sites and Sounds: Using Wikis to Catalog Protest Songs."

What You Need

Here's What To Do

  1. Before starting this activity, decide on ten favorite songs you and the teen want to share with people this summer. Think about why these songs are important to you and the teen. Do they have a special message? How do they make you feel? Do they teach something?
  2. Work with the teen to compile the lyrics for your ten favorite songs. (If you don't have the lyrics handy, use the LyricsFreak Web site or do a Google search for "song lyrics" for more Web sites with song lyrics.)
  3. Watch the tutorial Wikis in Plain English to find out about how Wikis work.
  4. Set up a wiki account using PB Wiki, WetPaint, or WikiSpaces (all offer free wikis).
  5. Look at the example music wiki for ideas. Decide what categories you would like to include on your wikis. What do you want people to know about the music on your wiki? Possibilities include:
    • title of song
    • name of the artist(s)
    • year of release
    • album title
    • type of music
    • review of the song/why you like it
    • meaning of the song lyrics
    • interesting facts about the artist
    • history of the type (or genre) of music
    • similar songs/artists
    • pictures of the artist/album cover
    • links to related information
  6. Do some research. Using the Internet, see how much you and the teen can find out about the songs and artists on your lists. Many artists have their own websites with biographical and other types of information. Decide what information you would like to use on your wiki, and bookmark it on your computer.
  7. Using the wiki account you and the teen created, name your wiki and organize them by song title. Start creating categories and fill them with information.
  8. Invite friends to check out your wiki and add to it with their favorite songs and information.

More Ideas To Try

  • The project can also be completed on paper instead of online. Using the Flip Book, record information about each of the ten songs using each of the ten pages. The Flip Book can be printed out and shared with friends.
  • Visit the Flip Book Tool Tips for more information about using this tool.

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